Monday, March 28, 2011

புதுடெல்லியில் மாணவர் இஸ்லாமிய மையத்துக்கு அடிக்கல் நாட்டினார் மக்கா பள்ளி இமாம்.

புதுடெல்லி : புதுடெல்லி வருகை புரிந்த மக்கா பள்ளியின் இமாம் ஷேக் அப்துல் ரஹ்மான் சுதேஷ் அவர்கள் இந்திய மாணவர் இஸ்லாமிய அமைப்பின் தலைமையகத்தில் மாணவர் இஸ்லாமிய மையத்துக்கான புதிய கட்டிடத்திற்கு அடிக்கல் நாட்டினார்.

Imam, Masjid-e-Haram, Dr. Shaykh Abdur Rehman Al Sudais addressing the gathering at SIO Headquarters after laying the Foundation Stone. The Foundation for Students’ Islamic Centre was laid by His Excellency Dr. Shaykh Abdur Rehman Al Sudais, Imam, Masjid-e-Haram, Mecca, Saudi Arabia at the Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO)’s Headquarters.

His Excellency was greeted and welcomed an overwhelming gathering of intellectuals, scholars, Ulemas, students and other dignitaries from across the country that gathered to witness the historic event. Addressing the audience after laying the Foundation Stone, His Excellency expressing gratitude and joy said that SIO’s role is indeed of great importance in service of the Indian society. He further expressed that the student community is a vital source of development and progress of the world.

He appreciated the activities of SIO and congratulated for ensuring the service of student community in the form of Students Islamic Centre. Mohd. Azharuddin, President – SIO introduced the organisation and welcomed His Excellency to the student gathering. The foundation stone was laid in the presence of Mohd. Azharuddin, President – SIO; Maulana Syed Jalalluddin Umari, President, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH); Abdul Aziz Swaleh, Secretary – Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; Prof. Siddique Hasan, Vice-President, JIH; Mohd. Jaffar, Vice-President, JIH; P.M. Salih, Secretary General – SIO; Saukath Ali, Secretary – SIO, Sharique Ansar, Secretary – SIO; Shaikh Shoaib, Secretary – SIO and other invitees.

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