Sunday, April 3, 2011

Interior Ministry cautions against possible sandstorms on Sunday and Monday

Ministry of Interior has called on the general public to be cautious of the prospects of a new wave of sandstorms on Sunday and Monday, saying that visibility may drop as a result of the possible storm in certain areas. It added that the weather may be unstable, and that there are chances of thunder rains. However, Adel Al-Saadoun, a meteorologist, shrugged off news of any dangerous weather conditions and stated that, so far, only light rain is expected. The ministry affirmed in a statement that it has put all services on high alert to deal with any emergency, urging the general public not to hesitate to call 112 or the Traffic Department Operations at 24816522 or 24832806 or the Civil Defense Operations at 1804000 if need be. The ministry further noted that all preparations have been put in place to encounter storm and to avert its adverse impact to the minimum, in line with superior orders in the ministry.

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