Sunday, August 7, 2011

TMCA’s specially convened CC Meeting.

Tamilnadu Muslim Cultural Association (TMCA), Kuwait specially convened Co-ordination Council (CC) Meeting held on Thursday, the 21st July, 2011 at about 08:30 p.m. at Al-Man-o-Salwa Rest. Murgab.

It started with a recital from holy Quran by Br. Muneer Ahamed with Hadees narration. Welcome speech and program compilation by its General Secretary, A. Abdul Rahim. Br. Basheer Ahamed, President delivered special address.

The following points have been discussed and resolutions passed:

Resolution – 1:

It has been decided to conduct TMCA’s Iftar party on Friday, the 19th August, 2011 at Dasma Teachers Society and our usual arrangements have been discussed and finalized.

Resolution – 2:

As disbursed during the past, this year too, provision of education scholarship to the financially poor and educationally bright students for this academic year has been discussed. Mainly, extending income resources have been given priority and sorted-out.

Resolution – 3:

In order to revise TMCA’s Constitution enacted by its Founders at the time of its establishment, and to cope-up with the changing trends and to be more effective as was highly felt from the unfortunate situation during the past, a panel of elite comrades under the able leadership of its past Executive Committees, namely, Br. Al-Mass Musthafa, Br.N.A.M. Abdul Aleem and currently Br. A. Basheer Ahamed and his team, under various circumstances and in a number of sittings, discussed in detail, copy of which distributed to various Co-ordination Council members to go through providing them enormous time to register their suggestion and acceptance. Since, more than two-third of its CC members have recognized and accepted this revised and new Constitution and signed for, it has been declared that from this

date it is coming into force to pave way for better functioning of TMCA in the ars to come.

Resolution – 4:

According to this Constitution, effective today (21.07.2011) the following brothers unanimously declared and accepted by the CC members as Custodians of TMCA:

1 Br. Abdul Kadir - Edumalai
2 Br. Abdul Majeed - Jayankondam
3 Br. Mohamed Farook - Mohamed Bunder
4 Br. M.A.J. Mohamed Iqbal - Podakkudi
5 Br. Mohamed Basheer - Ayyampettai
6 Br. Sultan Abdul Nazar - Chennai
7 Br. Zahiruddin - Sholapuram

And effective, 01st Jan, 2012, Br. AlMass Musthafa, former President, is becoming eligible to be one of the members of Custodian Council, as agreed and declared.

Br. Karaikal S.M. Arif Maricar read-out the formal Constitution Resolution and seconded by its President, stressing the importance of having an effective guidelines in the form of a Consitution for smooth running of any Organisation. This resolution has been signed by all attendees and various CC members spoke-out appreciating dedicated efforts of TMCA’s fore-runners with Almighty Allah’s help and guidance that have come into existence today result of a team work, a worthy task every TMCA member to be proud of.

Br. H. Jahir Hussain proposed vote of Thanks and and Dua recitation by Alwany Abdul Razack. Dinner was served at the end.


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