Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dr. Abdullah (Periyardhasan) meets His Excellency Ajay Malhotra,

Dr. Abdullah has reverted to Islam recently. He is a famous Psychotherapist in India, known all over the world. He was a familiar atheist in South India. He said,” I have given up my atheistic propagation in the year of 2000 itself, since I came to have a feeling of God’s existence. I have written a 52 weeks serial in Kalki, a popular Tamil Magazine under a caption ‘I am not an Atheist’ in 2000.

In my search for a true God, I reached Islam through an in-depth study of Holy Quran and Hadith. I believe in Quran totally as I find in it a gospel wholly from Allah the Almighty, unmixed without any word from human pen. It is the only gospel without self-contradiction. Anybody, I hope, who takes pain to go through the Holy Quran without any prejudice will come to the decision of embracing Islam. For the past 10 years, my mind was leaning gradually towards Allah and Rasoolalah (PBUH). I went to Saudi Arabia through Kuwait without informing my family, friends and colleagues and embraced Islam and performed Umrah.

The immediate reason for this was that when I was near Mecca in Jeddah, I wished to enter it. For that I have to embrace Islam. I did it whole heartedly. Now most of my relations and friends are away from me, thinking that I have embraced Islam for some secret reasons. My real reason is Allah has given Hidhayat (showing the right path) by creating ardent wish to enter Mecca, the Holy City. My ten years of search for the Almighty in my heart was an internal journey. That journey came to an end and I attained the grace of Allah. I pray to Allah whole heartedly to give Hidhayat to all my friends and relations – so that, though they are abandoning me in this world, let me join them in the hereafter (heaven). Inshaallah….

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