Tuesday, October 13, 2009

TMCA - CONDOLENCE MEETING (Tribute to Marhoom S.A. Abdul Malik)

TMCA arranged a condolence meeting on Sunday, 11.10.2009 at Mann-o-Salwa Hotel, Kuwait City for Marhoom S.A. Abdul Malik, a community leader who passed away on 10.10.2009 at Jeddah, KSA. (Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilihi Rajioon…)

The meeting started @ 8:00 P.M with Quran recitation, Br. Almas Musthafa, (President, TMCA) presided over the meeting. Br.N.A.M. Abdul Aleem (General Secretary, TMCA) expressed his deep sadness for the sudden demise of a great scholar, Leader and Social activist of this century in our Community. He pointed out many services of Marhoom Abdul Malik during his speech, that he recalled the extraordinary abilities of Marhoom Abdul Malik that he was an extempore poet and well academician who contributed a lot for the education of our community and social harmony. Br. M. Muneer Ahmed (Dy. Secretary General) illustrated his great values and respects in locally and internationally, he exemplified the merits of higher recognition in the line of academic contributions and administrations in various phases in India and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He was a well diplomat and statesman of many dedicated organizations and NGOs regardless of cast and creed. Br. Muneer represented initially a Narration of Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) that "Recall the good qualities of the deceased ".

Br. Delhi Basha (Ex. President TMCA), Br. Jamal Jafar (Hon' Advisor – TMCA), Br. Kambali Basheer (Custodian Committee Member TMCA), Br. S.M. Arif Maricar (Treasurer – TMCA), Br. M.I. Sowkath Ali (Vice President – TMCA) Moulavi S.A. Nasar Rabbani (CC Member TMCA) and Vittukatti Masthan (Joint Secretary - TMCA), expressed their deep condolences with heavy heart and recalled many incidents of intimacy and behaviors of Marhoom Abdul Malik on their life. Executive Committee, Coordination Council Members, Custodians, Advisors and many VIPs had participated in this condolence meeting.

Meeting ended with Special prayer (Du'a) by Moulavi S.A. Nasar Sadik Rabbani.

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