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மாலிக் பாய் - மறக்க இயலாது

29/06/2009 Office-bearers of TMCA (Br. AlMass Musthafa, President, Br. Zahiruddin, Founder and Guardian Council member and Br. Karaikal S.M. Arif Maricar, Treasurer) visited Jeddah Tamil Sangam on their invitation, had mutual inter-action, elaborate discussions – few copies of Mega Program 2009 and Umra Malar presented to them who appreciated our efforts to a noble cause. Mr. Abdul Malik, President and all other Executive members honored the visiting TMCA delegation with Dinner at Chennai Darbar Restaurant, Aziziya. TMCA Office-bearers extended their invitation to all Office-bearers presented there to visit Kuwait.

இந்தியனுக்கோர் இன்னலென்றால்

உறக்கத்திலும் எழுந்தோடி உதவிடுவாய்

இந்திய ஒருமைப்பாடு உன் உருவில்

நடமாட யாம் கண்டோம்.

சமய பேதங்கள் களைந்தெடுத்து

சமனிலைபேணி நட்பு கொண்டாய்.

உள்ளங்கள் அனைத்தையும் கவர்ந்தாய்

கனிவான உன்பேச்சால் !

சவுதிவாழ் தமிழனுக்கு தனிமதிப்பு

உன்னால் வந்த உயர்வன்றோ !

மாணவர் நலம்நாடி ஓய்வின்றி உழைத்தாய்

உன் நாடி துடித்து ஓயும்வரை.

சேவைக்கென்றே பிறந்தவன் நீ-பிறர்

தேவையறிந்து பணிமுடித்தாய் !

செங்கடல் ஓரத்தில் தமிழுக்கு அணிசேர்க்கும்

சங்கம் கண்ட பாவலனே !

உனைப்போல் ஒரு தமிழன் இனி எமக்கு கிடைப்பானா

பனைபோல்தன் வாழ்வினை தமிழுக்கு தருவானா ?

இறையருள் உன்னை சொர்க்கம் சேர்த்திட- திரு

மறையளித்தவனை மண்டியிட்டு வேண்டுகிறேன் !

கனத்த இதயத்துடன்,

அபு மர்வான்.

Nizamuddin (Abu Marwan)

It is with great sorrow to inform you that our beloved brother Mr. Abdul Malik, Higer Board Member, President of Saudi Tamil Sangam, President of Jeddah Tamil Sangam passed away on 10/10/2009 by 04:45 pm at Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital, Jeddah, due to cardiac arrest.

"To Allah we belong and to Allah we return. May Allah s.w.t. have abundant mercy on our brother Abdul Malik, and may Allah bring mercy to the families who are grieving and let their loved ones be at peace with their Creator."


S.A. Abdul Malik, Jeddah – Saudi Arabia

Holding a Postgraduate degree and Diploma in Business Management, Mr. S. A. Abdul Malik is an advertising specialist working in the Kingdom for the past 25 years. He is one of the pioneers in introducing directory concept locally and published trade and city guides.

While he was a student he was the first elected Students Union General Secretary and the Secretary of Tamil Association for three years. He published the First ever Students and Hostel Magazines.

He was the first elected committee member and acting Chairman of International Indian School, Jeddah and he currently holding a highly coveted position an Indian Expatriate can hold in Saudi Arabia - Member of the Higher Board, a higher level body to frame and facilitate the functioning of 10 Indian Schools affiliated by the Embassy of India rendering education for more than 50,000 Indian students in various parts of the Kingdom.

He founded Indian Pilgrims Welfare Forum, a Voluntary Social Organization having members from all Indian States and helps Indian Pilgrims in distress and need. He served as its Founding President for 5 years and it’s been recognized by the Govt. of India and enlisted as an NGO organization functioning abroad.

He also Founded Jeddah Tamil Sangam and remains as its President for more than 12 years. He has recently brought all the Tamil Associations functioning in different parts of the Kingdom under one single banner ‘Saudi Tamil Sangam’. He is the Patron of ‘Gulf Residents of Indian Tamils’ and ‘Jamal Mohamed College Alumni Association’. He is the member of the Advisory Board in Jamal Institute of Management in Triuchy.

He is a short story writer and over 70 of his stories have appeared in different dailies and magazines which were well received by readers and reviewed by all popular medias. He has brought out three volumes of short stories, ‘Thirai Vilagiapothu’, ‘Puyalgal Oivathillai’ and ‘Vidaiketra Villai’. Students have done thesis on his stories and received PhD, M. Phil and M.A degrees.

Mr. Abdul Malik has received several honors from many social and educational institutions and currently shares various responsible positions in a number of social and educational institutions.

"Ahmed Imthias"

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