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Kuwait, TMCA Eid-Milan 07/11/2011 Part 1/2



Tamilnadu Muslim Cultural Association (TMCA), Kuwait organized its regular Eid Family Get-together on the second day (7th November) of Eid. But this time, being first, in a different atmosphere, this program has been arranged. Under a specially obtained permission from a Company’s heads, this event is organized at Abdaly Farm Gardens, around 120 kms from Kuwait City. Under a strict instruction to limit the numbers of aspirant goers, prioritized its Co-ordination Council (CC) members and their immediate family members first followed by regular attenders of similar such event in the past avoiding public notice and invitation. TMCA had a very hard time to control and come under this restriction even then by carefully ensuring that none others left annoyed and on last day of registration, we left with no choice, it crossed slightly high, alhamdhulillah, it is TMCA’s fame and asset.

In five Coaster Vans of about 25 persons each, plus few specially allowed Cars and Jeeps, around 150 persons attended this grand Milan at Abdaly Farm Gardens. Program agenda carefully planned to the satisfaction of all. Even before arrival of TMCA’s Office-bearers to the Venue, to our joy and encouragement we saw brothers and sisters and kids waiting for us with enthusiasm greeting us to give a quick start. We left Murgab at about 0815 a.m and breakfast (Filafil Sandwich and Sunkist Juice together handed in TMCA’s pack) sponsored by Vittukatti Br. Ayub, TMCA Life Member and active supporter and Proprietor of STD Cargo Services, Farwaniya served while during the ride and by 10 a.m. we reached the Venue. Well Islamic Questionnaire distributed to all of us on time along with a copy our full Program Agenda scheduled in the Vans itself giving ample time to go-through and answer. Questionnaire duly answered have been well-received while got-off from the Vans at Abdaly and immediately started awarding marks. NCR Br. Rafi Ahamed and Br. Abdul Razack, Dy.General Secretary have been requested to verify and award marks, who did a great and fine job. On arrival, Tea was served immediately followed by a brief welcoming ceremony with kind instruction to the attenders to co-operate and abide by Owner’s advice in the up-keep of Farm Garden.

Program went well as per schedule and all participants had a good and great time and rejoiced themselves visiting entire area of Farm spread over in a vast area of land viewing growing a variety of vegetables and fruits, sheep and live-stock animals, variety of Fist etc., etc., being nurtured over there. After Duhr and Asr prayers performed combined (under allowed Qasr-wa-Jamah mode) followed by distribution of Snacks/Water, select Sports event have been conducted separately for Brothers, Sisters and Kids till 03 p.m and a special Lunch (arrangements made to prepare meals over there by our well-known Cook) and served hot and fresh to the appreciation of all.

And by 04:30 p.m. a brief Prize distribution ceremony took place. Various prominent personalities who joined and came with us handed-out prizes to the winners of Sports Event plus our special guest, Kuwaiti brother (owner of the Farm) felicitated and appreciated prize-winners, especially kids and in the case of Islamic Quiz event, highest marks holder have been chosen and to our admire when we see so many persons in the same marks category, chosen under Lot system and Islamic books distributed to the Winners. Br. Shahinshah Khan, TMCA-Area Secretary (Hawally region) sponsored all prizes. And after Magreb and Isha prayers, Vote of Thanks proposed by Br. Sowkath Ali (former Vice-President) we disbursed and few stationery items gifted to non-winning kids to up-keep and increase their morale. Br. Abdul Raheem, General Secretary, highly involved in the on-goings till its end making elaborate arrangements. In the absence of our President, who is on vacation, of course, it is also understood that all other Executive members, Co-ordination Council members, Founders and Advisers have a good hand and great share in the successful conduct of this mega Event from the beginning to end and in the arrangements earlier.

We started leaving by 05:45 p.m reaching Murgab grounds by 07:30 pm and we all disbursed joyfully and greeting each other looking to meet in all TMCA’s events. All of us left for their home appreciating TMCA's dedicated, whole-hearted co-operation and conduct of affairs. Most of the attendees have been requested to join TMCA and support us who greately willed boosting our morale. Alhamdhulillah….!

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