Friday, July 22, 2011

TMCA host Reception to Leaders of India Touheed Jamaath (INTJ)

Tamilnadu Muslim Cultural Association (TMCA), Kuwait accorded warm reception to the dignitaries of India Touheed Jamaath (INTJ) who visited Kuwait at the invitation of their Kuwait Zonal Office on Saturday, the 16th July, 2011 at Tabaq Restaurant, Murgab at 02:30 p.m. lasted for an hour.

The meeting presided by TMCA President, Br. Basheer Ahamed. Br. Muneer Ahamed, Education & Cultural Secretary, TMCA recited holy verses from the noble Quran. Welcome speech rendered by its President who elaborated various activities of TMCA during the past 16 years, towards betterment of community.

Leaders of TMCA honoured visiting dignitaries who presented TMCA’s 15th Anniversary Souvenir as follows:

Janab. R. Mohamed Farook to Janab. S.M. Baker, National President

Janab. M.A.J. Mohamed Iqbal to Janab. Sengiskhan, Secretary

Janab. I. Zahiruddin to Janab. Abubacker, Treasurer

Janab. Jahir Hussain to Janab. Abbas, President-Kuwait Zone

Janab. Jamal Jaffar to Janab. Firdhous, INTJ-Kuwait

Janab. Kambali Mohd.Basheer to Janab. Ameer Hamza, INTJ-Kuwait

Br. S.M. Backer, National President, INTJ who had been conferred as ‘Typhoon to the unity of Tamil Muslim community’ is his acceptance speech highly admired TMCA’s activities enumerating INTJ’d innumerable and responsible services being rendered to the community and stressing further to preserve our unity, which is the need of the hour to achieve our democratic rights.

Former Vice-President of TMCA, Br. M.I. Sowkath Ali proposed vote of thanks and Dua recitation by Alwany Abdul Razack, Dy.Gen.Secretary. Icon of TMCA, Karaikal Br. S.M. Arif Maricar – its Media and Public Relations Secretary compiled the whole program with enthusiasm and high spirit. Special Lunch was served at the end.

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