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TMCA UMRAH PROGRAMME - 2011 (A Unique Journey in the Path of Almighty Allah)

By the Grace of Allah, the Almighty, Tamilnadu Muslim Cultural Association (TMCA) arranged a special 10 days Umrah Pilgrimage on 27th April 2011 to holy shrines of Makkah and Madinah on a very special fare in association with M/s. Al-Ameen Umrah Services, Murgab. Association Members, non-Members, and their families accounting to about 48 pilgrims in one Bus travelled under the guidance of experienced personnel with high religious spirit and enthusiasm.

A special send off ceremony was held on 27th April 2011 at 4:30 P.M. at Murgab open grounds (behind Old Police Station). TMCA’s members, well-wishers and many prominent personalities adorned this grand ceremony. Br. Siddeeque Valiyakath, President, FIMA was our special guest to the event. It started with a verse from holy Quran, recited by Br. Muneer Ahamed, Education & Religious Secretary. The function presided and welcome address delivered by Avoor Br. A. Basheer Ahamed (President-TMCA). Our Vice-President Br. Hidayathullah mastered the event. Felicitation address delivered by Br. Siddeeque Valiyakath (President, FIMA). Br. Zafarullah, Vice-President, ACMJ-Kuwait spoke-out briefly on the occasion on behalf of their Jamaath. The function concluded with a vote of thanks by Kambali Br. Mohamed Basheer, founder member of TMCA. Dua by Br. Alwany Abdul Razack (Dy. General Secretary - TMCA). A large number of people hailing from various areas and representing local brotherly Associations including prominent personalities and patrons of TMCA have attended the Ceremony. The whole program arranged by TMCA’s dedicated work force.

Special contributions donated by various Companies and Individuals which are as follows.

1. Dinner by AlMass Restaurant, Hawally.
2. Break-fast pack by Ayyampet - Chakkarapalli Muslim Jamaath (ACMJ), Kuwait
3. Lunch, sponsored by Br. Sadik Batcha of M/s. Bader Stationery, Murgab.
4. Juice by Br. Rafi Ahamed (TMCA’s Life member and supporter)
5. Water by Br. Mohamed Harris, CC Member
6. Banana / Apple / Biscuits / Tissue by Br. Afzal Khan (one of the pilgrims) 7. Chocolates, Chips, Biscuits etc. by a Sister accompanied us
8. Zam Zam Water by Al-Ameen Umrah Service.
9. Tea Mano-o-salwa Restaurant Murgab.

TMCA expresses its heartiest gratitude for all the contributors to this wonderful pilgrimage and the dedicated volunteers for their restless efforts to succeed this excellent task. Also our special thanks to M/s. Al-Ameen Umrah Service for their kind cooperation, devotedness and extra efforts to our Association.

Our Bus reached Kuwait border in about 90 minutes time, and after Immigration, we left for Saudi border, and after having our Entry, stamped on all passports and finger-printed, by mid-night around 12.30 p.m. (28th April), started our travel in a wide deserted area. For Fajr prayer we reached Mahjamma (in 400 kms) and had tea sponsored by Br. Abdul Karim, one of the pilgrims. Morning snacks pack offered by Ayyampet - Chakkarappalli Muslim Jamaath (ACMJ) - Kuwait, we had at Dawadmi (around 650 kms from Saudi border) after having had a short break in our journey wherein a pre-arranged special meal order we managed to pack and continued. We had our combined prayers of Duhr and Asr after Afif and had our packed Lunch, sponsored by Br. Sadik Batcha of M/s. Bader Stationery, Murgab. We had Magreb prayer and tea after Ridwan and for Isha prayer we reached Meeqat (pilgrimage border). By 7.30 p.m. we arrived at Meeqat, had our preparations and around 9.45 p.m, we left for Makkah reciting Talbiyah (slogans praising Almighty ALLAH) and performed Umrah rituals successfully late in the night. (29th April).

On 30th April morning, we went on to see and obtain information about local (Makkah) historical places (Ziyarat) like Jebal Noor, Jebal Rahman, Cave Hira, Mina, Muzdhalifa, Arafat and specially arranged Museum visit. Duration of the visit existed for about four hours. Br. Ali Maideen, pilgrim sponsored Tea / Soft drinks for all the pilgrims at Arafat. Br. R.A. Shajahan, TMCA member and pilgrim, sponsored for more water required further in our journey till we reach Kuwait.

On Monday, the 2nd May, at the invitation of Jeddah Tamil Sangam, we (Br. Zahiruddin, founder member, Br. Karaikal S.M. Arif Maricar, Media Secretary, Br. Mohamed Harris, Asst. Treasurer and Br. Rafi Ahamed, Life member and active supporter) visited them and joined with their rest members at a special meet arranged and had an elaborate discussion and inter-action – few copies of 15th Anniversary Program - 2010 presented to them. Br. Rafia Ahamed, Co-ordinator, JTS, and all other Executive Committee members honoured the visiting TMCA delegation with Dinner at Lucky Darbar Restaurant, Ashrafiya. TMCA representatives extended their invitation to all Jeddah Tamil Sangam Office-bearers presented there to visit Kuwait at the soonest possible time, who happily accepted.

On 4th May, around 08.15 hours, we left for holy Madinah Al-Munawarah – while on our way, we re-scheduled to visit Bader (battle) area and stopped to have our lunch specially prepared at Makkah, but Laban served alongwith had been sponsored by Br. Afzal Khan, pilgrim and continued to visit ‘Bair Al-Shifa’ (Shifa Well) re-calling an incident during prophet Muhammad (pbuh)’s era, pilgrims collected water from that well and reached Masjid Quba for Asr prayer and continued our local Ziyarath visiting historically important places like Masjid Qiblatain, Masjid Kamaama, Masjid Bilal, Masajid Saba'h (Seven Mosques), Jannat Bakhi, Uhud battle field wherein 70 sahabees including prominent sahabi, Hamza Raliallahu Anhu attained martyrdom (shahadath) and Dates Factory. We could not visit Holy Quran Printing Press, as we were told that due to annual maintenance work, Press closed for two weeks. Around, 07.30 p.m. all have been arranged accommodation in one pilgrim chamber.

Finally, On 6th May, Friday, after Juma'ah prayer, at about 3 pm, we left for Kuwait. During our journey back, we conducted Quran Surah reciting / Dua reciting event for kids and Question / Answer event for adults and distributed prizes to the winners sponsored by pilgrim Br. R.A. Shajahan and pilgrim Br. Afzal Khan. Quran Surah recital event, specially called for Gents and Ladies, two special prizes sponsored by pilgrim Br. Ali Maideen who also enthusiastically informed in the Bus that Insha Allah next time, similar such an event in a special manner would be conducted and he promised to sponsor 10gms of Gold to the final winner which got wide appreciation among the pilgrims. We had our dinner on our way at Burida and arrived at the borders in the early morning hours of 7th May, Saturday.

Br. Avoor A. Basheer Ahamed, President, Br. Hidayathullah, Vice-President, Br. Abdul Rahim, General Secretary and Br. Alwany Abdul Razack, Deputy General Secretary, Br. R. Mohamed Farook and Br. Kambali Mohamed Basheer, Founder members, Br. Al-Mass Musthafa, former President and a vast number of TMCA officials and well-wishers gathered since morning at Murgab grounds to receive our blessed and delighted pilgrims. Tea and Samoosa were served to the pilgrims.

All pilgrims left for their home appreciating TMCA's dedicated, whole-hearted co-operation and conduct of affairs from the beginning to end. Most of the pilgrims willed to get enrolled as members of this Association while on their way back to Kuwait, boosting our morale.

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