Sunday, April 17, 2011

Janaza Notice.

இன்னா லில்லாஹி வ இன்னா இலைஹி ராஜிஊன்.

It is with great sorrow to inform you that Karaikal Town Kazi & Karaikal Peace Committee Member, Janab. M.S. Mohamed Marican passed away today (17/04/2011) Morning.

Janaza will be buried today evening at the Karaikal, Moideen Palli Mosque. May Almighty Allah forgive all his sins and accept all his good deeds.

Please remember to pray (make dua) for him. May Allah bless him and give Jannah.

Please spread this message to your freinds.

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Unknown said...

Inna Lillahi va Inna ilaihi Rajioon. May Allah bestow him with the highest status in aahirat.