Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Guidelines for Indian nationals to avail of the Amnesty declared by the Government of Kuwait

Dear Member of the Indian Community in Kuwait,

The Government of Kuwait has declared an amnesty for all illegal residents in Kuwait, valid from March 1, 2011, upto June 30, 2011.

Indian nationals who are presently illegal residents in Kuwait are encouraged to avail of the amnesty. The Indian Embassy has made arrangements at its premises in Daiya to assist them in doing so. About 200 Indians approached the Embassy today for the purpose.

The Indian Embassy Press Release reproduced below provides the requisite information for those who would like to avail of the amnesty. It is being put on the Embassy web-site and emailed with this letter to all Indian media representatives in Kuwait. All Indian Associations in Kuwait are also hereby requested to circulate it to their members. Money remittance exchanges functioning in Kuwait are also being asked to display the Press Release on their notice boards. It is also being translated into Indian languages that are widely used within our community in Kuwait, such as Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu, so that it can be circulated in those languages.

Kindly publicise and share the Press Release with other Indians in Kuwait. Thanking you for your cooperation.

With best wishes,

(Ajai Malhotra)
Ambassador of India
March 1, 2011

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