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EVENT – 1 – CC Meeting

With the grace of Almighty ALLAH s.w.t, Tamilnadu Muslim Cultural Association (TMCA), Kuwait has called a special meet of its Co-ordination Council members on Thursday, the 24th February, 2011 at Murgab Al-Man-o-Salwa Restaurant around 8 p.m.

The meeting presided by its President, N.A.M. Abdul Aleem. Br. Abdul Razack, Deputy General Secretary recited verses from the holy Quran. Joint Secretay Br. Hasan Mohamed narrated relevant Hadiths as said by Prophet Muhammad. Welcome speech rendered by Br. Hidayathullah, Vice-President,
wherein a variety of activities have been discussed and finalized, most important of which briefed hereunder:

 It was requested to distribute flyers translated into Tamil language among its Tamil speaking community as to Amnesty grant informed by Government of Kuwait, starting from March 1st until 30th June, 2011 for a period of four months to expatriates who do not have Residency permits or staying illegally to leave without paying any fine accumulated assuring that neither their names would be black-listed nor finger prints would be taken facilitating their return to Kuwait.

 It was discussed, finalized and requested to distribute flyers as to the arrangement of a special Umrah Pilgrimage on Wednesday, the 27th April, 2011 on a 10 days trip charging a nominal amount of KD.42/- per head (and a special discount to its members) inclusive of Visa, transport and accommodation in association with M/s. Al-Ameen Umrah Services, Kuwait.

 Un-audited accounts of TMCA from March, 2010 till todate read out by Br. Karaikal S.M. Arif Maricar, Public Relations and Media Secretary on behalf of Treasurer Br. H. Jahir Hussain who could not attend the meeting due to emergency duty in his Ministry Office.

EVENT – 2 – Farewell to our President with honour

As our President Br. N.A.M. Abdul Aleem decided to leave Kuwait for good, a special Farewell and honouring ceremony took place. Our President, who enrolled as member in the year 1996 in his speech re-called his close association with TMCA in the upliftment of our community actively been engaging in various socio-cultural activities of TMCA, especially for the past nine years under various positions he officiated, his representation with various brotherly Associations in Kuwait and FIMA at the national level.

Our President have been praised for his extra-ordinary performance, contribution to TMCA and felicitation address rendered by the following personalities:

Br. Mohamed Farook, TMCA Founder and former President
Br. M.A.J. Mohamed Iqbal, Former President, TMCA.
Br. ‘Kambali’ Mohamed Basheer, TMCA Founder
Br. ‘Vittukatti’ Poet Mastaan – Joint Secretary, TMCA.
Br. ‘TVS’ Alaudeen – Education Secretary, TMCA.
Br. Ameer Ahamed – Co-ordinator, TMCA.
Br. Naser Sadiq Rabbani – Religious Secretary, TMCA.
Br. Muneer Ahamed – Religious and Education Secretary, TMCA.
Br. Sowkath Ali – Education Secretary, TMCA.
Br. ‘Jani’ Abdul Gani – Life Member, TMCA.
Br. ‘Gulf Asia’ Shahul Hameed – Assistant Treasurer, TMCA.
Br. ‘Sembakathy’ Ziaudeen – Honourary Auditor, TMCA.

Br. M.A.J. Mohamed Iqbal, former President of TMCA, who shared his happiness of great association with TMCA, presented on his behalf a special gift to our President. Br. Ameer Ahamed, TMCA Co-ordinator, General Secretary, Trichy Jamal Mohamed College (JMC) Alumni Association (Kuwait Chapter) and Sales Manager, M/s. Travel Club, Salhiya, Kuwait in his felicitation address stated to offer, as a special gesture, to our President, N.A.M. Abdul Aleem with a free two way air ticket whenever he visit Kuwait in the future which was well received with applause.

On behalf of TMCA, our President honored with:

 A special submission of poetical greeting on behalf of TMCA in honour of its President read-out by Br. Karaikal S.M. Arif Maricar to the attention, acquisition and appreciation of Council members present, which has been handed over to Br. Abdul Aleem by our Patron, ‘Lucky’ Br. Sulaiman Batcha and elite leaders of TMCA.

 As a kind gesture and true bond of love to our President, a Laptop had been gifted to him by its Founders, Patron and Office-bearers of TMCA.

 A special momento presented to him by elite leaders of TMCA.

Finally, our President N.A.M. Abdul Aleem in his acceptance speech thanked all members, leaders, advisors and patrons of TMCA for having shown on him such an exceptional love and affection adding that it is a very special moment in his life and golden memories would remain ever with him assuring his best possible contribution to TMCA even from India.

EVENT – 3 – Election of new President

After bidding farewell to our out-going President, election of new President deemed necessary to continue to run the Office till the end of its term (2010 – 2011). Out-going President while referring relevant clauses from our Constitution which states in such a situation, its Vice-President could assume charge to run Office or any senior / experienced Officials from the current administration or any members from the various appointed Committees of TMCA could be chosen.
Following this protocol, TMCA invited its Vice-President Br. Hidayathullah who expressed his inability, due to his personal day-to-day tight schedule and recommended current General Secretary. Next, senior in Administration, its General Secretary Br. ‘Avoor’ Basheer Ahamed had been chosen unanimously by its Co-ordination Council members present, to become our new President and as such he was requested to assume charge and run Office who gladly accepted.
Since our General Secretary moves to Presidential position, to elect a new General Secretary, as understood to have been a common protocol, TMCA invited its Deputy General Secretary, Alwany Br. Abdul Razack to take charge. He re-called his earlier election moment stating that actually Br. Abdul Raheem (current Joint Secretary) had been chosen for this post but since he went on a long leave and unavailable by then, he accepted his job. Rightfully, he added that it would be more appropriate now to promote him to become General Secretary of TMCA who had been unanimously chosen by its Co-ordination Council members present to be our new General Secretary and as such he was requested to assume charge and run Office who gladly accepted.

A simple swearing-in ceremony took place. Oath of Office for President Avoor Br. Basheer Ahamed administered by former TMCA Presidents, Br. Mohamed Farook and Br. M.A.J. Mohamed Iqbal and Oath of Office for General Secretary Thirumangalakudi Br. Abdul Raheem administered by former TMCA Presidents Br. Al-Mass Musthafa and Br. Abdul Aleem (out-going President). New Office-bearers after sworn-in addressed the gathering thanking for having chosen them and assuring their best possible support and services to the society in general and to TMCA in particular.

Br. Abdul Raheem, new General Secretary proposed vote of thanks. Avoor Br. Basheer Ahamed mastered the whole program. Meeting concluded at about 10.30 p.m. with prayers and dinner served to all participants. Br. Mohamed Farook, TMCA Founder and former President called on everyone to come to Airport tomorrow (Friday) evening to send-off our out-going President, Br. N.A.M. Abdul Aleem.
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News and Photo compilation by:

Karaikkal S.M. Arif Maricar
Alwany Abdul Razack

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