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TMCA UMRAH PROGRAMME - 2010 (A Unique Journey in the Path of Almighty Allah)

By the Grace of Allah, the Almighty, Tamilnadu Muslim Cultural Association (TMCA) arranged a special 10 days Umrah Pilgrimage on 24th March 2010 to holy shrines of Makkah and Madinah on a very special fare in association with M/s. Al-Ameen Umrah Services, Murgab. Although TMCA cared for a collective total of five Buses (250 pilgrims) left together that day, TMCA has its own, well organized exclusive three Caravans accounting about 150 pilgrims to perform Umrah pilgrimage this year. Association Members, non-Members, and their families have travelled under the guidance of experienced personnel with high religious spirit and enthusiasm.

A special send off ceremony was held on 24th March 2010 at 6:15 P.M. at Murgab open ground (behind Old Police Station). TMCA’s members, well-wishers and many prominent personalities adorned this grand ceremony. It started with a verse from holy Quran, recited by Master Mohamed Muzammil (son of TMCA President). The function presided and welcome address delivered by Br. N.A.M. Abdul Aleem (President-TMCA).
Our Vice-President Br. Hidayathulla mastered the event. Special Umrah pilgrimage address delivered by Br. Abdul Rawoof (Co-Proprietor – Al-Ameen Umrah Service).
The function concluded with a vote of thanks by Br. Avoor A. Basheer Ahamed (General Secretary - TMCA). A large number of people hailing from various areas and representing local brotherly Associations including prominent personalities and patrons of TMCA have attended the Ceremony. The whole program arranged by TMCA’s dedicated work force

Special contributions donated by various Companies and Individuals which are as follows.

1. Umrah Dinner by AlMass Restaurant, Hawally.
2. Juice / Water by Al-Yasra Food and Beverage Co.,
3. Apple by Yogam Agency
4. Cakes by Al-Marai Foodstuff Co., Br. Anwar Hussain
5. Chips by KITCo. Br. Sadik Batcha
6. Snacks pack by Swamimalai Jamaath
7. Tissues and Chocolates by a Sister accompanied us
8. First Aid Box by M/s. City Clinic

TMCA expresses its heartiest gratitude for all the contributors to this wonderful pilgrimage and the dedicated volunteers for their restless efforts to succeed this excellent task. Also our special thanks to M/s. Al-Ameen Umrah Service for their kind cooperation, devotedness and extra efforts to our Association.

All Caravans reached Kuwait border in about 90 minutes time, and after Immigration, one by one, all Buses left for Saudi border, and after having Entry, stamped on all passports and finger-printed – after Fajr prayer (25 March), started our travel in a wide deserted area. Morning snacks, we had at Arthawiya (around 400 kms from Saudi border). We had our combined prayers of Duhr and Asr at Dawadmi and had Lunch at an Indian Restaurant. We had Magreb prayer and tea at Afif and Isha prayer and Dinner at a location about 90 Kms. from Meeqat (pilgrimage border). Late in the night we arrived at Meeqat, had our preparations and early in the morning, one by one, all Buses left for Makkah reciting Talbiyah (slogans praising Almighty ALLAH) and performed Umrah worship successfully after Fajr prayer (26 March).

On the next day (27th March) morning, pilgrims from Bus Number 1 and Bus number 2 went on to see and obtain information about local historical places (Ziyarat) like Jebel Hira, Jebal Noor, Mina, Muzdhalifa, Arafat, Famous Mosques, graveyards etc. Duration of the visit existed about four hours.

On 28th morning, same visit was arranged for pilgrims from Bus Number 3 and Bus Number 4. Same day evening, Office-bearers of TMCA, Br. N.A.M. Abdul Aleem (President), Br. A. Hidayathullah (Vice-President), Br. Jahir Hussain (Treasurer) accompanied by Founder and Guardian Council members Br. ‘Kambali’ A. Mohamed Basheer, Br. Zahiruddin and Advisor Br. Mohamed Iqbal (Jahra) and active members Farwaniya Musthafa, Mangaf Jan Mohamed visited Jeddah Tamil Sangam primarily to offer our condolences (to our beloved Educationist, (Marhoom) Abdul Malik Sahib, who was instrumental in bringing up education to all, irrespective of religion, caste, colour etc.,) to his colleagues and immediate family members.

Br. Sheik Mohamed Noori, well-known Malaysian Radio / TV commentator (in Tamil), Graduate and native of Dindigul who studied in Pokakkudi Nooriah College, and an organizer of Umrah pilgrimage from Malaysia who often visit Kingdom too joined us and we all had a broad inter-action, elaborate discussions – few copies of Mega Program - 2009 and Umrah Special Souvenirs presented to them who appreciated our efforts to a noble cause. Br. Rafia Ahamed, Co-ordinator, JTS, and all other Executive members honoured the visiting TMCA delegation with Dinner at Chennai Darbar Restaurant, Aziziya. Previous day night, few of our Office-bearers met in Haram (Makkah) Br. Marzook, owner of Chennai Darbar Restaurant, a native of Swamimalai and briefed of our Association activities. TMCA Office-bearers extended their invitation to all Jeddah Tamil Sangam Office-bearers presented there to visit Kuwait at the soonest possible time, who happily accepted.

On 30th March, around 09.45 hours, all pilgrims started leaving for holy Madinah Al-Munawarah – reaching Masjid Quba for Asr prayer, we were briefed of its historical importance. Around, 06.15 p.m. all have been arranged accommodation in one pilgrim chamber.

And on 31st March, all five buses, after Fajr prayer, started visiting historically important places like Masjid Qiblatain, Masjid Kamaama, Masjid Bilal, Masajid Saba'h (Seven Mosques), Jannat Bakhi, Uhud battle field wherein 70 sahabees including prominent sahabi, Hamza Raliallahu Anhu attained martyrdom (shahadath), Dates Factory and Holy Quran Printing Press, where TMCA arranged free distribution of holy Quran (Arabic copy) as each one copy (except Ladies).

On 1st April - Thursday, a special trip has been arranged in two buses to visit Bader battle field – located about 150 kms from Madinah AlMunawarah. While on the way, we stopped at a location called ‘Bair Al-Shifa’ (Curing Well) pilgrims collected water from that well and this trip was well-remembered. Finally, On 3rd April, Friday, after Juma'ah prayer, at about 3 pm, all pilgrims from five Buses, started leaving for Kuwait and arrived at the borders, one and the other, in the early morning hours of 4th April, Saturday (amidst some unexpected hardships – technical delay on the road)

Br. Avoor A. Basheer Ahamed, General Secretary, Br. Alwany Abdul Razack, Deputy General Secretary, Br. Karaikal S.M. Arif Maricar, Public Relations and Media Secretary, Br. R. Mohamed Farook and Br. Zahiruddin, Founder and Guardian Council members, Mr. M. Muneer Ahamed, Educational and Religious Secretary, Br. Hasan Mohamed , Br. Sirajudeen, Br. Ansari – Joint Secretaries, Br. Hris Mohideen, Assistant Treasurer gathered since early in the morning at Murgab grounds to receive our blessed and delighted pilgrims. Tea from Bollywood Restaurant was served to the pilgrims of TMCA Caravans of Bus No.2 and Bus No.1 arrived at 9.30 a.m. and 11.00 a.m respectively.

Our former Presidents, Br. M.A.J. Mohamed Iqbal, Br. Al-Mass Musthafa and Br. Abdul Aleem, President joined to receive the pilgrims of Bus No.3 reached at 01.00 p.m. and Juice was served to them. Br. Also a special leaflet highlighting pilgrimage and its aftermath duties on us has been distributed to all of them. All pilgrims left for their home appreciating TMCA's dedicated, whole-hearted co-operation and conduct of affairs from the beginning to end. Most of the pilgrims enrolled as members of this Association while on their way back to Kuwait, boosting our morale.

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