Sunday, January 17, 2010

SBI introduce UP-III Pension Fund for NRI's

**The "Best Ever" newly launched Pure Pension Fund for NRI's with multiple benefit of 5% annual guaranteed return + High Indian equity market return** Offer open for a limited period only. Guaranteed return of 5% every year from the 6th policy year onwards+ Equity market return from first yearEnhanced investment opportunity through 8 Dynamic Fund Options including the top of the class NEW Index Pension Fund, NEW Top 300 Pension FundTwin Benefit of high Indian Equity Market linked returns & regular income of 5%Enjoy complete flexibility to increase/decrease your payment.
Choice of early/ late retirementMaximum age limit for entry is 70 Option to boost your investments through Top-ups
Unit Plus III is a " WIN WIN" Product for NRI's that offer 5% minimum guaranteed return which is higher than the current bank interest + High Equity Market return that could range from 10-25% per annum. NRI Investors who have an investment horizon of over five years can expect a total return per annum of anywhere between 20%-30% per annum
For more info contact : (+965)- 66258265 or Email:
SBI Life Insurance Co Ltd
Turner Morrison Building
G N Vaidya Marg, Fort,
Mumbai 4000 23

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