Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A GRAND IFTAR BANQUET (Ramadan 2009) – By Tamilnadu Muslim Cultural Association (TMCA)

Tamilnadu Muslim Cultural Association (TMCA) hosted a large and traditional Grand Iftar Banquet (Ramadan- 2009) which was held on 11th September 2009 @ 04:00 P.M in Kuwait Teachers' Society Auditorium, Dasma , Kuwait . H.E. Ajai Malhotra (The Ambassador of India) was the chief guest of this grand event. H.E. Abdul Raheem Kareemi (The Ambassador of Afghanistan), First Secretary and diplomats from the Embassy of Afghanistan, Mr. Siddique Valiyakath (Vice President – FIMA), Mr. Kandari (Chaiman –Indo- Kuwait Forum), Mr.Ahmed AlSaqer, (Chairman of Al Yasra Food Company), Mr. Abdul Mohsin Al Mutairi (Ministry of Health), and many more high level dignitaries from different communities adorned this excellent program. The event was sponsored by specially M/s. Al-Yasra Food Co., and TVS Cargo Services Kuwait,

The program started at 04:00 P.M with recitation of verses from Holy Quran by Moulana Qari Mohamed Anas Alim Kasimi (Faculty of Islamic Jurisprudence, Mazahirul Uloom Arabic College , Salem , Tamilnadu , India ).

The program was compiled by Mr. M. Muneer Ahmed (Dy. Secretary General – TMCA); Professor Moulavi Abdul Salam Dawoodi (Secretary Religious wing TMCA) presided over the program and delivered a presidential address on opening. he highlighted the importance of conducting this special Iftar program, he stating the reasons that TMCA (1) Organizing this function as a Ramadhan get-together for our beloved brothers living in various parts of Kuwait; (2) To presenting the excellence of Ramadhan, Fasting and Islamic unique etiquettes to all people of different faiths in order to perform the Islamic missionary thru this auspicious occasion, (3) Arranging a favorable field for the sponsors of TMCA as a reward in return of their best supports in the world and hereafter by feeding the fasting for thousands of muslims (to break the daylong fasting from dawn to dusk).

Moulana Moulavi Bismillah Khan Faizee (Madurai, India) delivered a Ramadhan Address, he pointed out the importance of Ramadhan and other obligatory factors (pillars of islam :i.e. SHAHADAH, SALAT, ZAKAT, FASTING and HAJ) he stated that Allah the Almighty intends to forgive our sins and purifying us thru these obligations by performing as ordered.

Professor Moulavi Abdul Salam Dawoodi (Secretary Religious wing) came again to deliver the special address that he explained the wonderful benefits of fasting, he pointed out that the fasting makes the human close to the Almighty Allah and he quoted some historical incidents of Prophet Moses (PBUH) and (Mary, the Mother of Jesus) Bibi Maryam (PBUHer) regarding their fasting.

Mr. N.A.M. Abdul Aleem (Secretary General – TMCA) welcomed everyone to this elite party and he briefed the TMCA's activities of the 2008-2009 tenure during his cordial address,

Mr. Kandari, Mr. Mutairi and Mr. Siddique Valiyakath delivered guest addresses.

H.E. Abdul Rahim Karimi (The Ambassador of Afghanistan) delivered an excellent sermon in Arabic dialect presented the significance of this holy month and he pointed out the actuality of the human nature and he indicated (the explanation of Hadith) that all newborns are born in natural religion but they are being practiced by various faiths and customs of their own circumstances.

H.E. Ajai Malhotra (The Ambassador of India) delivered his esteemed oratory that he felicitated this grand iftar program and all the members of the association. He talked the virtues of Ramadhan and delivered some nice tamil language dialects which was highly applauded by the audience.

H.E. Ajai Malhotra (The Ambassador of India) honored the sponsors by presenting mementos for their excellent contributions.

H.E. Abdul Raheem Karimi (The Ambassador of Afghanistan) presented mementos to

Mr.Abdur Raheem (Joint Secretary TMCA)

Mr. Abdul Raheem Abbas (Educational Secretary TMCA)

Mr. Hasan Mohamed (Joint Secretary TMCA) for their excellent efforts.

Mr. I. Sowkath Ali (Vice-President –TMCA) delivered vote of thanks. Iftar banquet and dinner was served to everyone.

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