Thursday, August 13, 2009

Residents urged to obey Ramadan rules

An informative lecture titled "Safety and Security in Kuwait" was held at the Aware Center Tuesday evening. The attendees, comprised of expatriates from different nationalities, received useful information from officers from the Ministry of Interior who also answered questions about a number of topics. Some of the most important information relayed to new expatriates to Kuwait was related to the holy month of Ramadan, which will begin soon.

To those who are new to Kuwait and perhaps not familiar with Islamic traditions, they should be aware of the prohibition of eating, drinking or smoking in public areas during the daytime. Such acts are prohibited during Ramadan," said Col. Isaak Al-Kanderi, Director of the Operations Department from the Ministry of Interior.

Everyone should carry his or her ID with them when leaving the house. "Inspections and checkpoints are held frequently in different areas of Kuwait. Those who are not able to identify themselves while not carrying their civil ID or passport will be arrested. It doesn't matter whether they are citizens or expatriates, everyone should have his or her identification documents," he said.

Al-Kanderi also pointed out ways of helping friends or family who have been arrested by the police. "You should write down the license plate number and color of the police patrol vehicle that arrested someone you know. We have three separate kinds of police, including traffic (blue and yellow cars), emergency (black and white cars) and police patrols (grey and black). You can then bring the ID belonging to your arrested friend or family member to the police station where he was taken to. Drivers should als
o write down the color and number of the police patrol vehicle if his or her driving license or car papers were confiscated," he explained.

The attendees were also warned about thefts and robberies, especially of vehicles. "Many people are complaining of having things robbed from their vehicles. They should not leave any of their belongings, such as laptops, mobiles, wallets or purses in visible places in their vehicles, as this type of behavior attracts thieves," Al-Kanderi said.

As previously announced by the media, emergency number 777 will stop working by the end of this year and will be replaced by the international emergency number, which is 112. The new number is currently in operation.

There are about 900 people who call the emergency center daily. We have the best equipment and we work 24 hours a day. The reason for changing the number to 112 is that it is an international number which is now applied all over the world. This will help foreign people visiting Kuwait to call the number already known to them. Also, anyone can call this number, even if his or her mobile is locked. It can even be dialed without having a SIM card, but this option is not available in Kuwait for security reaso
ns," said Captain Rashid Al-Mulla, Head of the Reports Department from the Ministry of Interior.

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