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(A Unique Journey in the Path of Almighty Allah)

By the Grace of Allah the Almighty, Tamilnadu Muslim Cultural Association (TMCA) arranged a special Umra trip on 24th June 2009 for 10 days to Holy shrines of Mecca and Medina with a special fare. A well organized three caravans formed by TMCA, Around 150 pilgrims had participated in this year. The members, non-members, Children and families are traveled with high Religious spirit and more interest.

A special send off ceremony was held on 24th June 2009 at 6:15 P.M. TMCA members, well-wishers and many prominent personalities adorned this grand ceremony. The function presided by Almas Musthafa (President-TMCA) the Holy Quran recited on beginning. The welcome address delivered by Br. N.A.M. Abdul Aleem (General Secretary - TMCA) the Umra pilgrimage address delivered by Moulavi Nasar Rabbani B.A., (Proprietor – Al Ameen Umra Service and TMCA Advisory Committee Member) The function concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by Br. Hidayathullah (Education Secretary, TMCA). a large number of people have participated from various places and association members including prominent personalities and patrons of TMCA.

The program arranged by Work force of Umra Pilgrimage such as dedicated members Br. AlMass Musthafa (President, TMCA), Br. Abdul Aleem (General Secretary – TMCA) Br. I. Zahiruddin (Custodian Committee) Br. Abdur Rawoof (Al-Ameen Umra Service) Swamimalai Br. H. Jahir Hussain (Joint Treasurer), Karaikal Br. S.M. Arif Maraicar (Treasurer) Br. I Nisar Ahamed Public Relation Officer, and CC Members such as Br. Akbar, Br. Sheikh, Br. Khaleel, Swamimalai H. Kamal Batcha, Br. Ruknuddin and other members.

The special contributions have donated by various organizations, companies and individuals which are as follows.

1. Umra Special Editions Printing by Lucky Printing Press
2. Umra Dinner for Pilgrims by Almas Restaurant
3. Juices and Water by Br. Jahir Hussain, Al-Yasra Food and Beverage Co.,
4. Cakes and snacks provided by Mr. Anwar Hussain (Al-Marai Co., Br.S.M. Arif Maricar (Treasurer), Br. H. Jahir Hussain (Joint-Treasurer) and Br.Kamal Batcha (TMCA Coordinator)
6. Accreditation Card by prepared Br. Muneer Ahamed, Deputy General Secretary, Br. M.D Arif Maricar (TMCA Coordinator).
7.Fruits for all the pilgrims donated by TMCA CC Members.

TMCA expresses the heartiest gratitude for all the contributors for this wonderful pilgrimage and the dedicated volunteers for their restless efforts to succeed this excellent task. Also specially thanking to Al-Ameen Umra Service for their kind cooperation, devotedness and extra efforts for our Association.

The Umra Groups arrived Miqat on 25th June at 10: 30 p.m and arrived Mecca at 12: 30 p.m with Talbiyah and performed Umra worship successfully before fajr prayer. TMCA specially organized a tour to Taif hill station which was so enjoyable for the pilgrims, Journey to Taif was the most beautiful one as the climate was pleasant and it was a place with all over mountains.

The travel was on top of mountains and travelled by cable car which took us around 20minutes to reach there. It was the most amazing trip as the place was chill.
Mashallah the pilgrims visited Ibn Abbas Raliallah u Anhu Tomb and masjid named after him where they performed Isha prayer. On 28th June, evening, the group expedited to Jeddah city in order to see for themselves Jeddah heritage souks and famous corniche (Beach) and sea Fountain. Unfortunately, it was learnt belatedly that sea Fountain was out of service for the past three months time then. Most of us enjoyed the atmosphere there. On the same day (28th June) morning, pilgrims from Bus Number 2 went on to local sightseeing (Ziyarat) like Mina, Muztalifa, Arafa, Historical Museum, Famous Mosques, graveyards etc. Duration of the visit existed for about 4 hours.
On 29th morning, same local sight-seeing was arranged for pilgrims from Bus Number 1.

Same day evening, Office-bearers of TMCA (Br. AlMass Musthafa, President, Br. Zahiruddin, Founder and Guardian Council member and Br. Arif Maricar, Treasurer) visited Jeddah Tamil Sangam on their invitation, had mutual inter-action, elaborate discussions – few copies of Mega Program 2009 and Umra Malar presented to them who appreciated our efforts to a noble cause. Mr. Abdul Malik, President and all other Executive members honored the visiting TMCA delegation with Dinner at Chennai Darbar Restaurant, Aziziya. TMCA Office-bearers extended their invitation to all Office-bearers presented there to visit Kuwait at the soonest possible time, who happily accepted.

On 31st June, after Isha prayer, pilgrims started leaving for holy Madina Munawarah - Caravans left at 2300 hrs. reaching Masjid Quba for Fajr prayer, we were briefed of its historical importance. Then the day started with Madiba Ziyarat without break, visiting Masjid Qiblatain, Masjid Kamaama, Masjid Bilal, Masajid Saba'h (Seven Mosques), Jannat Bakhi, Uhud battle field wherein 70 sahabees including prominent sahabi, Hamza Raliallahu Anhu attained martyrdom (shahadath), Dates Factory and Holy Quran Printing Press, where TMCA where Tamil Quran were freely distributed as each one copy (except Ladies). Around, 11 a.m. all have been arranged accommodation in two pilgrim chambers.

On 2nd July, Thursday, a special trip has been arranged in one bus to visit Bader battle field – located about 150 kms from Madinah AlMunawarah. On 3rd July, Friday, after Juma'ah prayer, at about 5 pm, all pilgrims from three Buses, started leaving for Kuwait and arrived at the borders, one and the other, in the early morning hours of 4th July, Saturday. Br. Abdul Aleem, General Secretary, Br. Muneer Ahamed, Deputy General Secretary, Br. Jahir Hussain, Joint Treasurer, Br. Mohamed Harris, Public Relation Officer, Br. 'Ramzy' Shahjahan, Advisor - TMCA and Br. Zahiruddin, Founder and Guardian Council member have welcomed pilgrims reached Murgab at different times and arranged tea and juice for all of them. All pilgrims left for their home appreciating TMCA's whole-hearted co-operation and conduct of affairs from the beginning to end.

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