Thursday, April 1, 2010

If we lived 70 years....

If we lived 70 years....

If ALLAH grant us 70 years of life…..

We would spend:
24 years sleeping

14 years working

8 years in amusement

6 years at the dinner table

5 years in transportation

4 years in conversation

3 years in education

3 years in reading

3 years in watching TV

If we prayed 5 Times every day, you would be giving ALLAH 5 months of your life.

Can't we give 5 months out of 70 years?

First courageously and bravely get rid of the intruder (TV). Can't we give time out of 8 years (from the amusement & watching TV) for the effort of Deen? like,

1. Introducing daily ta'leem (learning and teaching deen) in the home.

2. Engaging daily in the recitation of the qur'an.
3. Engaging daily in the zikr (remembrance) of allah ta'aala

4. Joining in the company of the pious and spend your time in the activities of deen. By making an effort for Deen, Deen will become valuable to us. These aspects will make life itself more meaningful. It will also enable one to attain the everlasting bounties of Jannah. May Allah Ta'aala grant us the ability to throw out the intruder and adopt the solution. Aameen.

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